Studying for University entrance Test

my classmates in JILC. Ika, Dewi, Lisa, and Nizar

I now still busy doing study for the university entrance test. I study by myself in my house and with my friends in course place. Next month, I will face UTUL UGM, the entrance test for university of Gadjah Mada. The test will hold on 28 March 2010. So, it is about 42 days from now. Well, i am kind of optimist I can conlude the test well. :) The remaining prolem is choosing the major.

I haven't finished the online registration in UGM's website. It is because I still confuse about the major I am taking. I can't decide wether I take management or economics as my major. Many times I changed my mind from management to economis, then back to management and economics again. I have no idea. I really need advanced advices about this. I'd like to browse and doing researches from online sources about the future oportunities after gradating from those two majors. Both of them are good. But, I still confused.