in balikpapan

On Sunday afternoon March 14th, I left home and arrived in Balikpapan city, East Kalimantan. About some hours before my flight, I and mom and dad were still so busy preparing my stuffs to take with me during my stay in that city. Oh, my fault that my bags especially the clothes had not been ready yet at that time we were going to head to the airport. But, here I am now, with all the essential stuffs including my tshirsts, shirts,pants, two shoes, books, and laptop. All I need to say alive. I stay in my family's house (my uncle and cousin's). I am here because on March 28th I will have Gadjah Mada University entrance test which will be held in this city, but I also consider this trip as a holiday.

i took these picture during the brief flight from Makassar to Balikpapan

a street in balikpapan

This city is hilly and beautiful. They have clean environment, and the trees and the plants are preserved. Furthermore, they still have insects and birds that lives everywhere. I would like to describe this city as a city in a jungle. What I really love from this city is that this city is more quite than Makassar. My family here are so nice, they treat so well and make me feel so comfortable. This is my first visit to Balikpapan and I am glad that I meet many of my family who live here.naufal and cica (my nephew and niece)

mona and fathur (my nephew and niece)

Now i am very busy with books. I am studying devotedly and I even sleep with books. Oh. I dont have time to walk around this city. But I will embark my adventure in this city after I finish the test. Please, everyone who reads this, wish me luck for the test! :D