On April

hey there, how are you?!

It''s been like some ages i don't write my life into this blog. there's many stories happened after my leaving from balikpapan. Leaving Balikpapan on 31st March was a little bit sad because I was leaving my very nice kins there, but the same time feeling excited to back home. Then on April 11th I got my Gadjah Mada University entrance test result saying that i dont pass the test. It was very sad for me, i wanted it so much. But, nothing I could do. There's still another chances to get in my desired university.

A Sad News

On 22nd April, there was a sad news. my auntie Marini, lives in my hometown, Maroangin-Enrekang, had passed away. I couldn't go to her funeral day, but my parents did. They went to hometown right away after receiving the news. I like her very much, just like my others aunt. She is very kind and tenders. She is adorable.

going hometown
On 25th April I eventually went to my lovely hometown, Maroangin. I was s excited to get there. There I met all my kins and I visit my late aunt's tomb.

the views of my way to hometown:

and I will miss this...
the view of a window in my late grandparents' house


Now, my daily routines are ging to courses and going to AFS's secretariat regularly in the afternoon becase AFS are now holding the selection for high schools students.

i'm happy