I am 19 year old now!

On a Path to the Manhood

When I got up that day, something was different. I woke up as a 19 year old man! Although, everything in my surroundings and in my self, perhaps, still the same, but it was different. I am not a boy anymore, I am a man, because I am grown-up! For me, the excitement of having birthday is that there is always new spirit to begin the new phase of life and a new will to be a better one. But, this time I feel like this is more important and different.

This time, I took as the point of my new phase of life. I am now seeing my life as a man life. I have to be more serious on taking each step in my life. I have to leave my bad habits and start making the good ones. I will be more determined in reaching my life goals; I don’t want to be a loser whose heart is so weak. I will also embark to put more discipline in every thing I want to do. One of my biggest weaknesses in my personality is that I lack of discipline. Some things in my life routines and activities I always do recklessly, I know it affects me badly, but I don’t care about it. But now I will do more discipline.

In the other hand, I always delay doing things I have planned to do. For the example, I always want to take an exercise such as jogging in the morning so I can be healthier. Living without enough exercise makes me have a great fatigue. I can be tired easily. But, I never do that plan to do exercise. I always delay, delay, and delay, until suddenly I realize I never do that. I can't bare that anymore, from now on I will do that without delaying. Another example is praying. As a Muslim, it is a compulsory for me to do five-times praying each day, but, I recklessly leave them. Sometimes, I don’t do all the prayers. From now, I will do them all punctually. Other things I want to be discipline on eating healthily, sleeping, and studying. I have to control my self.

As I am now on a path to the manhood. I want to be a wiser person. I mean, I want to face my life and everything occurs in it in best possible wisest way. I am not grownup, so I have to be more responsible in what I do. I am responsible for myself. I want to put manhood wisdom in every thing I do. A good man has a strong heart and will, and so I will. I once read that men hands are made to build the world! It means, man has the role to both building his own little world and the world itself with his great strength! I want to be robust, I want to work hard and apply good values in my life.
This is the turning point of my life.

Small celebration

Far-faraway before my birthday, I always want to get together with my best friends. Doing blah-blah-blahs, laughing and sharing stories are all I want to do with them. But they all now are very busy with their college things. We ever had good times together and that's what I always remember in. Some of them, I don’t meet them so long. Luckily, I together with some of nice bestfrend that day in my birthday. We managed to meet and celebrated my birthday in simplicity. We hanged out together and had fun. I am so glaaaad.

with aldy, amma, baso
looked like everyone had fun