living the live

hey there! its been like the ages i dont write my life into this blog. there's many stries happened after my leaving frm balikpapan. the first was when i left balikpapan, i left balikppan and tk ff t makassar n 31st march, i was s happy (becase i am ging hme) bt in the same time feeling rather sad becase i was leaving a very nice family whm i live with fr mre than tw weeks. then n april 11th i gt my gadjah mada niversity entrance test saying that i dnt pass the test. hinestly, it was very sad fr me. abt sme days i was thingking abt it ver and ver agian, bt then i realized it was k. wh knws what happened t r live? i have t keep ging n and live the live.

n 22nd April, there was a sad news. my anntie Marini,lives in my hmwtwn, marangin-enrekang, had passed away. i cldnt g t his fneral day, bt my mm and dad did. they went tthe hmetwn right away after the receiving the news. Ant Marini is my dad's sister. I like her very mch, jst like my thers ant. She is very kind and tenders, when i was child she sed t give me extra pcket mney. She is a gd persn, i knw she is nw living peacflly.n 25th april i eventaly went t my lvely hmwtwn MArangin. I was s excited t g there. There I met all my kins and I visit my late ant's tmb.

Nw, my daily rtines are ging t crses t prepare fr next niversty's entrance test and ging t AFS's secretariat reglarly in the afternn becase AFS are nw hlding the slectin fr high schls stdents fr exchange stdents. Indeed, that's all my daily rtines.