Bringing AFS Intercultural Programs to Jayapura, Eastern Indonesia

the Saturday
nice view, isn't it? this is in sentani

It was 3 A.M. I, Baso, and Kak Uno, the representative squad of AFS Chapter Makassar were heading to Jayapura to hold a AFS Selection for Papuan students the on the next day. So, we went there obviusly not for holiday but we are on duty, we are going to hold the selection for AFS intercultural exchange program for 170 students of Papua. But, it felt great to do this duty, because I discovered more interesting places and met many nice people, both the local student and people and AFSers.

We took a morning flight to Jayapura, the eastern city of papua of Indonesian archipelago. We arrived in Sentani, the region where the airport is, at 7 A.M, about thirty-minutes from Jayapura. I, or more correctly, We couldn't sleep during the flight because the temperature inside the plane was extremely cold which made the trip was rather tiring because we could not sleep. But, when Pak Edwin, the representative of local comittee for AFS selection, picked us and we headed to Jayapura city, the view of the papua's beautiful mountainous lands and very-green woods thrilled me. I always love to see beautiful clear sky combined with beautiful natural environment beneath it. When we arrived in our resting place, Yotefa hotel, I directly strecthed myself on the bed and slept peacefully.

On 3 P.M, we headed to SMKN 2, picked by Pak Edwin again, the school where the selection will be held. We held a technical meeting for the test there. There are some local comittees from the educational board of east papua who helped us during the technical meeting. We were grateful for the helpful locals! The tehnical meeting,which attended by many high school students who would participate in the next day, was held to explain the rules for the next day test or selection. Kak Uno did the explanation to the students while I and Baso were preparing the arrangement and the documents of the selection participants. We finished the tehnical meeting circa 6 P.M. Pak Edwin took us to the beach nearby to have seafood for the meal. Ah,yummi! Afterwards, we went to the hotel and after I edited and printed some documents needed for the next day, I slept.
the Sunday - The day of the test

with Andiwith kak Reza (returnee of AFS), Indra and Ahmad (candidate of AFS programme)the participants of the selection, local comitee, candidates, and volunteers
I and Baso could not even had a breakfast because we got up lately that morning. We had been already at SMKN 2 at 8 A.M, the place of the selection. It was rainy but the it didnt enervate the enthusiasm for that day. The students participated in the selection, some local commitees, teachers, came one by one to the school. There were also Akhmad, Tiffani, Nur, Indra who are the candidates of AFS programme, Kak Reza who is a returnee of AFS programme, and also Patricia, who last year participated in AFS's last year selection but unfortunately failed, who was willing to be a volunteer.

The selection was started at 9 o'clock that morning, and there were 150 students who participated for the test. The students were grouped in to three rooms. Kak Uno was responsible to supervise the room 1, Baso in room 2, and I supervised the room 3 whose students inside of it was 31 students. Gratefully, the test or the selection ran smoothly. Thanks for the help of all involved in this event. After dining, along with Pak Edwin and Andi,we headed back to hotel.

Arriving in the hotel did not mean I and Baso could sleep! We got a 'homework' to do. Before finishng the homework, luckily we had a special acquintance coming to I and Baso's room. He was Sadam. He then took us to a city market to buy souvenirs to bring home. afterwards, we back to the room, and back to our homework. The homework was to re-arrange and re-group a lot of documents from the test. At first, we tought that it will be an easy things. But, we found that it was knotty! There are so many packages of documents, the question sheets,the answer sheets and the berita acaras. They all needed to count, arrange, and be groupped in appropriate place! I eventually could sleep at 2 A.M.

the Monday - Going HomeHere what crossed in my mind when I woke up (circa 5 a.m). Badly, I had not slept enough and I was rather tired. More badly, we had to go to the the airport at the very time and would take off at 7 a.m! Baso was having a bad health condition that morning. He had headache and vomit frequently in the airport. Luckily, i am strong enough so this busyness didn't affect my health badly.Hehe. So, we waved goodbye for papua, and I hope someday I can visit this island and have more days to discovery its enchanments. Visiting this land and meeting the locals and the AFSers are very fascinating! :-)

Hey, guess what I did after arrived at my home? yes, I slept soundly.

PS: The news about expansion of AFS Chapter Makassar program to Jayapura, in East Indonesia, was noted by AFS International in USA. It was a big leap. I'm glad to be the part of AFS Mission :)