Procuring University

Done with University Tests

Finally having finished a sequence of university entrance test, I am feeling so free now! Hahaha. Hore!. There will be no more that dense books, no more that complicated trying math formula, no more worries thinking about examinations, no more studying schedule!

In order to get passed university entrance test I had been spending a lot of time studying. I went to my study course every Monday to Saturday, read and learn lot books on subjects which always appear on the entrance test such as geography, history, economics, sociology, Bahasa Indonesia, English, TPA, and –of course- Math! Sometimes, facing math is madness for me.But, it’s over now. Yes, it is! And I am just glad. Hahaha.

Yes, the examinations had been over, but I am still studying English and math now, for a preparation to when I will be in college. I know math is essential because it seems like no matter how hard avoid my self from math I always meet it and have to deal with it. If math is an animal, it is a mosquito. You hate it and avoid yourself from it, but it always tries to get close to you and ask you to deal with it. Then I have to enrich my English sight because I believe it will be very useful for my academic purpose.

Brief summary of my attempts to get into my desired college.

In April last year, I graduated from High School. That was a time when a million other students who had just graduated like me will think about going to university. I took SNMPTN test and I was taking UGM but then failed to pass.

I actually had got Russian Literature in Universitas Indonesia, but I didn’t take it. First, at the time, I wanted to take Economics or International Relation as my major, so even if studying in Universitas Indonesia would be so great, but I think it is out my plan to take Russian. Second, I wanted to go to Jogjakarta and study in UGM. Jogjakarta is a lovely city and UGM is well known as one of great institution. Another reason was that I did not want to hurry; I still had a lot of time to get to university and major I want.

So, this year, in March, I took the entrance test of UGM (UTUL) and trying to enter UGM again but , very sadly, not passed the test. I was so disappointed about it. It was the second time I tried. I had been so studios and praying but not passed. What would be bitterer than not getting what you want so much? Was it a sign for me that UGM & Jogjakarta is not my destiny? Or Should I try again? I don’t know which.

In the following month, April, I took SIMAK UI (Universitas Indonesia entrance test) but not passed again. Then after SIMAK UI, I took other university tests such as UMB, and SNMPTN. In SNMPTN, i keep picking Ilmu Ekonomi UGM, though I know it is hard (there will be only 10 students accepted).


By UMB test I finally get one. I passed in Sastra Perancis or French literature of Universitas Indonesia. Hahaha, I know it is finally. Finally I get something. Finally, my parents stops worrying about me.

Altough I have not gotten my last examination result but I am looking forward to being in Universitas Indonesia. If there are no such obstacles or great surprise from my last examination, I am going to Depok in the end of July, next month.

I deeply want to say 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH' for everyone who have supported me during that hard times when i failed over and 0ver again to enter university! :)



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