About Wanting a Simple Life; Living next to woods and sea

Happily, my life has been pretty well recently. It ran smoothly as the days go by. I sleep, get up from the bed, sometimes routing around the town and going places to places, and then back to home again and finally sleep again and get up on the next drowsy morning and redo the routines. Also, don’t forget that you have to do bathing, eating, brushing your teeth, putting on your socks, and other things that life requires you to do. That life is!

Sometimes daily activities make us forget what actually we need, what actually we really want to do, what actually we would love to do and what can make us become so happy. Instead, we are caught inside a sticky web called ‘schedule’ which sometimes lead to boredom. Despite that I don’t have schedule right now, since I am waiting for going to university very soon.

There is nothing wrong about getting busy with ‘schedule‘, but it just go like this: don’t you want to have a simple life? It is a life where you can wake up from your bed and you can smile, breath the fresh air, feeling sun shines warming your skin, and when you do, you don’t worry that you have to hurry because you have something or so many things to do. It is a morning when you know that you can do what ever you want to do without worrying if you don’t do that, don’t to this, those, and so on. You will have a simple life where everyday is a quiet day, getting together with friends, foods and talks in relax way.

I just want t have a simple life, where I can be happy every time. I want to be free doing everything I want. I want to live in a quiet town, where I live with my family, nice friendly neighborhoods, get along with many people, and have many friends around.

I want to live in a town that closes to a forest. Where, if you are bored you can walk down the woods and feel the nature and even interact with its animal. I want to live next to the forest, so sometimes I can get lost inside it but feeling happy of it. Because I like nature so much. Sometimes I can picnic there, or just bringing my camera and having a great adventure with all its occupiers. Listening and interacting with the animals inside it will be also great!

I want to live in a town where you can hear the sea wave sounds every time and you can see the sun sets every afternoon and you can hang around on it every time you want. I want to live in a low-populated town, where all the citizens are nice and friendly. They all are good friends to talk to and share with. I want to live in a small wooden house where if I look trough the window all I see is beautiful and happiness. I know, I only want a simple life, and perhaps, so do everyone.