Preparing to leave home

I am going to Depok via Jakarta on 28th July. Although the class (of the lecture) will start on 30th august but UI  requires the new students to re-register on 31st july in UI-Depok Campus. My mother and father will accompany me to Jakarta. They will not only to escort me but also ( i think ) to make sure some things. they want to make sure that I arrive safely in the city, make sure I get a good accommodations such as good rooms, good environment et cetera. Kak Azhar, who is undergoing his third term in UI has booked a room for me. Oh, i am so grateful to him. That’s very good for me, which makes me more sure that I will be living there. 


I can say I am leaving my room and my ‘old’ house because my family are going to occupy a new house within 3 months. That’s a happy news because our new house will be more spacious, customized and comfortable than the house we now occupy. The new house,which is almost finished built, is located near our current house. I am glad my family will leave soon.  But sadly, I will be not in the time when we move to the new house. When they move, I will be in Depok. So, I make some preparations. I packed all my stuff so my family wont accidentally miss to take it to the new house and so it can be safely kept in boxes ‘till I back to Makassar.

There is a lot of things I have in my room. There are books & magazines I collect since I was in elementary school. there are also CDs and other stuff from unforgettable school assignments until a collectible harry potter figure and some rubbishes. I call some stuff rubbish because i dont need them anymore. I packed all my stuff which I am not going to carry to Depok, and put them into some boxes.

DSC04545 DSC04484 DSC04492DSC04513this is what I call as ‘unforgettably difficult school assignment’. I worked it when I was in the class 1 in Junior High School.  DSC04480DSC04482CD’sDSC04554   the boxes I use to keep my stuff

OKK UI Assignments     

As the welcoming event of the new students, UI holds PSAU/OKK UI. This exciting event introduces the new student about the academics living in UI.

The event requires the new student to make a team. the team which consists of 4-6 students will be given two assignment to finish together. First assignment is ‘making an essay’ and ‘making a project proposal’. In both assignment each team is asked to make an innovation dealing with problems face by the society nowadays  (based on the topic).

There are some topics given, and the students are let to choose which one they like most to be worked in the assignment. the topics range from college-students and idealism, nature and environments, entrepreneurship, laws, politics, economics, social, art and culture and etc. College-student and idealism is the compulsory topic and we are let to choose another topic.

Along with Fitt, we met Alifia, Hari, Bayu, and Fay who come from various places in Indonesia. We are a team in OKK UI. We are working in our essay and project assignments. We decided to choose nature and environment. Fitt and I had found a great idea of innovation! and the rest of the kids had accepted our idea. The difficult part of the assignment, at least for me, is to combine the compulsory topic (college-student and idealism) and the idea of our team have found (nature and environment topics). We are still discussing.