I don't want to give any forewords.  straightly to the point:

I don't have friends around. I miss having my tangible friends rather than communicating with them through cell phone and internet social network. pathetic? yes, absolutely. missing my schoolmates? yes. meeting them? very rare event.

I have come into a point where I don't really want to remember them, don't want to really have my mind back in to the past where I had very nice moments with my friends. I have come in to a point where seeing my past photographs with friends is just making me sick. I put all my friends and me-and-friends photographs in a special folder ‘once in my memories’. All in that folder, which is cannot be seen by my eyes when I open or browse documents in my net-book. I don't really want to remember those memories with them. I don’t mean to forget them but don't really want to involve with those past memories. I get off, move on, and start making new friendships.

VP056Totally Joy of Dissolution, photo by Vitor Pomar  ,  from Galeria Pedro Cera

David_Favrod_GAIJIN_01photo by David Pavron