Window curtain, Going to Unhas Library, and Starting a Project

I started my day by helping my mother to put the curtain in the some windows in my house. Then, I went to Unhas Library. yeah, I like going there. ha-ha. I actually wanted to meet Ayu, we had made the appointment. But, when I arrived in the library, I met her but she was going to have a choir practice, so we postponed the meeting and we agreed to meet yesterday. There are many things I want to share, talk and discus with her. Ayu and I had experienced the same thing in a year: facing hard time to pursue University. Happily, we now become freshman.

Since graduate from high school, I like to spend my time here, usually for studying. Today, I spent almost two hour in that library. I red newspaper (Jakarta Post and Republika) which are not subscribed by my family. I actually looked for books on Bugis culture, but could not find any. I didn’t asked help that’s why I didn’t find it. yesterday, I will ask the librarian and find one!

I looked for the book because want to do a research on Bugis which is my tribe and my cultures. I have a concern about how difficult to find book on my own culture and how the young people recklessly have no or just little interest in their own culture, especially Bugis. I want to write a book on Bugisnese and a Bugisnese language dictionary. Before I do, I need some reference, and buy some  books. First step is looking reference in library. I might also need information from students from Unhas who takes major in Sastra Daerah.


I prayed Jumat in Unhas Mosque. I was impressed with the mosque environment, especially for the trees. I love trees! Afterward, I headed to a clothing shop, chambers and bought some stuff. I bought three t-shirts which only cost Rp. 100,000,-, ha-ha, the t-shirts were sold with a special price. I like cheap and good t-shirt. I also bought a wallet, and a small hand bag, i will give it to my friend who recently had married. Then, I came home, and worked with curtain again.