How I Changed My Mind and Back to Makassar

In my latest post, I said that I was going to involve with UI’s new students programs. But, I changed my mind. I went home on 14 August!

Why I came home? There were some reason why I went home, but i have two major ones. Firstly, involving with UI’s program made me tired. In the first day of OBM, I was exhausted. I didn't have enough breakfast and couldn’t have a lunch due to the tight of the OBM’s schedule. I starved. It made me think that I would have the same feeling when the fasting month came and i will be exhausted again when involving with the programs. When I back to my board in Kutek, I decided to go home right away. The second reason was that having Ramadan month far from my family and home is not really enjoyable. So, I bought a ticket to go home right away.

Here are some experiences I had when I still in Depok and I haven’t posted in this blog.

My First Train Experience


STAN’s accepted students was announced on Wednesday, August 3. After thinking a while, I decided to take my STAN acceptance. STAN campus is in Bintaro, Tangerang, Jakarta. So I am going to move from Depok to Bintaro. The first thing crossed in my mind about living in Jakarta is : I have to get a room right away. I need to book a room. A room is very important. I need to get a good place before anyone exceed me. Hahaha.

I need to go to Bintaro. But, I don’t know how to go there. Kak Azhar is in Cikarang, and Chalik who lives in Jakarta since last year had a lecture schedule. They couldn't accompany me. I didn't have any idea anymore who could accompany me to Bintaro. I don't understand Jakarta transportation, and the book “Jakarta Transportation Guide” I bought last day was not really helpful for me. Taxi is my favorite one for this. But, I was thinking that I couldn’t only depend on taxi. How about train? It will be exciting! I never use train in my whole life.

In Thursday, I met Kak Rieka. She was in Depok. We met in UI and then took a walk around UI, talked and then she gave me the clue which she got from her sister about how to get to Bintaro by train. Yeah!

This is how to go to Bintaro by train from Depok:

Get a train to Tanah Abang > Tanah Abang to Pondok Ranji> Pondok Ranji, take Ojek to Bintaro.

So, in early Friday morning, I got to Station UI. That would be the first time I use train and would be the first time I go to Jakarta by myself. I realized that it was a dangerous thing. I worried that I would get lost and would be a victim of crime (pickpocket, robbery etc). Ha-ha, it sounds exaggerating, but i really felt so.

I took an Express train. It was the best type of train, it was fast, not so crowded and with AC. I was shocked by the Economy type train. It was so full of people. economy train has betrayed human rights. If you ever watch in the TV people sitting on the roof or train, people hang on what ever they could hang with on every corner of train. That’s the economy train. The train even don't have doors. so, it’s open. i

I arrived in Tanah Abang station. Oh, what I saw was crowds. Tanah Abang station is a hub of the trains, so many people get there. Then I took a train to Pondok Ranji. From Pondok Ranji i took an ojek, and headed to STAN Campus. Kak Amin, a senior student of STAN who comes from Makassar will help me today to find a board. He picked me in STAN Campus then we went to his board in Pondok Jaya which is located close to STAN Campus. Then we talked a while. I met some students from STAN who also comes from Makassar. ha-ha, i was so happy meeting these people. They were so kind, friendly and helpful. Kak Amin recommended Pondok Jaya for me, and I agreed. Oh yeah, Pondok Jaya is so peaceful, safe, clean, and good house-complex. I booked one room in that complex.

I am so grateful for their help!  About 2 PM I back to Depok, using train again. Oh, I enjoyed using train.

Two Days in Kak Azhar House

Luckily, I didn’t spend my first two days of Ramadan alone in my room in Kutek. Kak Azhar invited me to his house in Cikarang, Bekasi. So, I was there for two days. I went there on August 10 evening. Before heading to Cikarang, I and Kak Azhar were walking around UI with Kak Yuli. Kak Yuli comes from Makassar to Depok where his father works for a holiday trip. We walked around UI, getting on Bis Kuning and heading to somewhere in Depok where her parents wait her.

After accompanying Kak Yuli, I and Kak Azhar went to Cikarang. I spend my two first day there. Oh, that was fun and I had good time with his family! In Thursday morning, I have to go back to Depok, because first, I have to prepare to back to Makassar and the second reason why i didn't stay any longer was because i don't have any clean clothes anymore.ha-ha

Leaving UI, delivering my stuff to Bintaro, and heading to Makassar  Rektorat UI

I arrived i my room in Thursday morning. It was the third day of Ramadan and i felt like i want to go home very right away. In Friday, put all my clothes to my bag, put the fan and dispenser in their boxes, and packed all the stuff also in a box.

In Saturday morning, I was ready to go. everything had been in their proper bag and place. I walked to Gerbang Kutek, took two ojek and the two ojek helped me to carry my stuff. In Tehnik Halte I called a taxi. I got on the taxi, and the driver took me and all my stuff leaving UI.

I have two place to go that time: Bintaro and Airport (all in Jakarta). I first went to Bintaro, and put my stuff in my new place, in Pondok Jaya. Then, I headed to Airport. I arrived in the airport at 12 AM, and my flight was 18 PM, so I waited 6 hours. But that’s fine. I was going home. That’s all in my mind. Image0014

So bye UI and I am looking forward to going to Jakarta on September 18 2010! I am looking forward to starting my college life in STAN. :-)