Jakarta, Depok and Universitas Indonesia and STAN

The leaving

I was so happy and nervous and sorry in the same time. I was going to my Depok, where my college, Universitas Indonesia is and it will be my new town, where I am going to spend my four years during my study. I knew that I have to adjust my life or more correctly myself with a new circumstances and hustles. Leaving was a little sad, but actually that because I was not sure I could go home in Lebaran day due to the cost of air-flight and my college lecture term. So, probably I will wait till the new year eve to come home, which I believe will be hard for me. Hahaha.


Hafidz, Ridho, I, Ulla, and Aldy

Thanks for my friends for coming to the airport to see me off. What good friends! I never expected that but glad of that.

Arriving and Ghost Hotel

I and parents arrived in Jakarta on July 29th July. It was morning circa 1 A.M. and we got troubled to find unoccupied rooms in hotels around Jakarta Pusat. In 3 A.M we finally got one. The dirtiness of the hotel and the old-fashioned building made me think that it was a ghost hotel that mostly shown in horror movie. I like old fashioned building , but strangely hate this one.

 my parents

So, after taking a rest in that ghost hotel. In the morning, we shopped in so-called Atrium mall. I bought a new hand phone, new black shoes and some t-shirts. Then in the noon, we took all our luggage in the ghost hotel and headed to Depok by taxi.

Then, for the first time, I came into Depok city. This city is located near Jakarta. But, it took about 1 hour to get there from Jakarta Pusat. I called Kak Azhar when I was reaching UI. Kak Azhar has already booked a room for me so we needed the clue to get there. Kak Azhar said to stop at Fakultas Teknik halte. We stopped there, and He came to after several minutes.

Having arrived in my lodging place, we found that many things still needed to be fixed with my room. The room was unprepared to be occupied. The walls was just painted and you can smell the heavy paint odor. You will get headache if you smell the odor for a long time. And there was no lamp in the room as well as in its bathroom. The bed needs cover, and I need fan, dispenser, kitchen utensils, hangers, and etc. despite that lack, I like the room, it’s medium size and has a bathroom and it is already furnished with a big table-and-wardrobe and a small one. It just needed some touch to be ready to occupy.

Lucky me, in the night all the things I need had been bought. My parents and my uncle, Om Suardi who lived in Jakarta went to a supermarket and bought all the essential things such as fan, dispenser, bed cover, a pillow, papers,rubbish bin, soap and bathing essentials, kitchen utensils, hangers, cups, and some kinds of food and drinks. Wow! My room has become very different and more comfortable!


In the next day,July 30th, in early morning I went to Administration Building or Rektorat, which is an icon of Universitas Indonesia, to register. My parents stayed in my room because we barely found that the door’s key was lost.

Going to my campus to register took me to have a look closer to my campus which is excellent. The buildings are huge and has great taste of Indonesian's architecture, the facilities are complete, and the it is very green. After registering, I got my students card, my yellow jacket which came along with a very funny hat.

Ila and Dede visited my Room

DSC04638 DSC04647

Tante Erna and Family lives in Bogor. When we were still in Makassar, my mom and Tante Erna had arranged to meet. I and my parents dont know this city and area very well, So, that morning on July 31st, Tante Erna and family visited us in my lodging. Dede and Ila has grwon up. When they leave Makassar they were little kids. My room was not designed one persons so it was crowded in my room. My parents and Tante Erna’s family.

Universitas Indonesia’s New Students Programs (KAMABA)

In August 1st, the new students were gathered in UI’s Balai Rung for the first day Choir Practice. Balai Rung is a big building used as a hall and place for holding important and big event in UI, such as this gathering students, seminars, and students graduate ceremony. We were given a book of songs which include all the songs that will be sung in the new students welcoming ceremony. There were circa 4500 new students of UI that day and we practiced until 2 P.M. The singing was fun, because we were taught and lead by Pak Dibyo, He has great voice!

After the choir, I met Fay, Hari, Fitt, Bayu and Alifia, my OKK team mates. We discussed the OKK’s assignments and then went home. Bayu, one of my teammate, invited me to go home by walking. I agreed and we walked the way from Balai Rung until Kutek area, the area of my lodging. I estimated we walked 3 kilometers!

In the second day (August 2nd). , we practiced again. It was lead by Pak Dibyo and helped by UI’s choir team, Paragita. Pak Dibyo is an amazing person!

Exhaustion came that day After practicing choir the students are gathered to meet their faculty seniors. Beside the welcoming program of the university called PSAU (Program Pengenalan Sistem Akademik tingkat Universitas) or commonly known as OKK, there also PSA in faculty level (PSAF). That day, the PSAF will be introduced. The gathering aims to introduce the new students to the welcoming program in faculty level. My faculty is Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya (FIB). About 3 P.M we were gathered outside Balairung and the seniors students explain to us the faculty welcoming program. We were told about what to wear, what to bring, what to do as assignments, and many others. There were many they said.

About 5 P.M the faculty gathering had finished, but there was a Sastra Prancis gathering which finished circa 6 P.M. It was exhausted, because about a year since I graduated from high school I never be busy like this. But, I enjoy my activity.

I went to my lodging by walking. I have been walking many-many times since I be here. Actually In the campus there are two public transportation that students can use. There is yellow bus or Bikun (bis kuning) and yellow bike or Sekun (Sepeda Kuning). But these two transportation number is limited, so I mostly use Ojek to go to my lodging area, in Kutek. After hitchhiking by Ojek, I walk. Walking make me more fit and healthy. I never walk many times like this because in Makassar i always use my motorcycle.

Having arrived at my lodging, I remember that OKK assignments had not been done yet. I want to do the assignment but to tired to do that. So, the next day I decided to not going to the choir practice.

How I found that I passed in Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN)

That day is August 3rd. Since morning I have been working with the OKK assignment in my room. The assignment is to make an essay. Fay, my OKK teammate, had finished the essay, but it still needs to be corrected. Some materials were not included in the essay she made, so that needed to be added. But the problem was not that simple. Hari also had given me materials needed to be combined with Fay and mine. It was complicated. I tried to do the assignments until the noon, but failed to finish it. My mind was up to somewhere else.

I was getting bored, so I decided to go outside my lodging and have a walk to the Jalan Margonda. I took ojek and then walk to Jalan Margonda, by passing a train rail, walk through Depok town square and reach Jalan Margonda. In UI’s environment all you can see are trees, garden, and university building, but here you see the city.

On Jalan Margonda you can find malls and bookstores. I wanted to go to Gramedia, but I went to a big Mall. I didn’t remember the mall name, but it was the biggest, maybe it was Margo City.

So, I walked and went to bookstore. I need some books to read. I arrived in Toko Gunung Agung in the mall. I stopped at Map Sections. A-ha! This what I need. I have been confused with the places names and directions here. I decided to have a loot at some maps. I was examining which map is the best. I need a map that includes Jabodetabek area.

It was already 3 P.M I know that it will be the time of the announcement of STAN. But, I didn’t really get excited. Then my hand phone rang, a sms received in my hp. It was my friend, telling me that i passed in Akuntansi STAN. Oh my god!

At the time, I was shock. I was feeling a little bit sad. That fact meant two things: sadly I have to leave great UI, I am leaving my very interesting major, Sastra Prancis and my dream to work in Foreign Ministry of Indonesia. But, happily I passed the test with more than 117.000 students se-Indonesia as the participants and that I can graduate faster from college, just three years, I don't have to pay tuition fee, the academic life is less hard, and the future are very well, because the graduate will work in Monetary Department of Indonesia.

Several minutes later, Baso called me saying that I passed STAN. We talked aabout some minutes about it. I told him that at the same time, I was sad to leave UI. Then I called my parents. They seemed happy. I talked to Aldy and asked to checked the announcement. Then Ulla sms me saying the same thing. I know, the more I believe I passed it, the more I know I am leaving UI.

So, after buying a Jabodetabek map book, Jakarta Transportation Guide, an Ernest Hemingway book, and a cap in a sport store, I went to my room. I was still thinking about STAN and UI.

On How I Would take STAN but Still Want to Involve with UI’s KAMABA

Choosing which one i like, UI or STAN was little bit hard. But, because many people including my family and friends support me to move to STAN I finally madee a decision to take the STAN. I know I wont be working in Deplu as I wish, but I realize that is not my only interest. I have another interest like arts and design. I wish when I study in STAN, i can learn arts and design, and when I work, I would save money, and build a workshop. And, anyway, I can help my parents save money, because they don't have to spend much money on my tuition fee.

UI’s new students program are very interesting for me. So I still want to involve with its program. I want to join OBM (orientasi belajar mahasiswa), yeah, I am the one who believe that knowledge is important and that you can take it from everywhere. This OBM will be held from August 9th untill August 14th. In OBM the new students will be taught about how to learn and how to achieve best in academics. In OBM the program will include Program Dasar Pendidikan Tinggi (PDPT) which aims to develop learning capability of students. The skills which will be taught are learning skill, thinking skill, problem solving skill, teamwork skill, communication skill, information literacy skills, and information technology skill.

Then, there is also a very interesting program, ESQ training which will be hel in August 24th-25th in Pekan Raya Jakarta. There will be also OKK/PSAU. I have been preparing assignments along with my team mates to involve with this event, so I am not gonna miss it in August 18th-19th.

So here are the whole programs:

Day and Date



My Involvement

minggu s.d. minggu
1 s.d. 8 Agustus 2010

Choir Practice


I came only on the first, second and fourth day.

Kamis, 5 Agustus

UI Untukmu Indonesia


I didn’t come due to stomachache and sleepiness

Jum’at 6 Agustus 2010

Kuliah Umum


I didn’t come because I went to Bintaro, Jakarta

Senin s.d. Sabtu
9 s.d 14 Agustus 2010

Orientasi Belajar Mahasiswa (OBM)

Various places. almost in all UI’s faculty and facility

I want to come.

Minggu,15 Agustus 2010

Program Cinta Kampus


I maybe come

Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

Upacara Proklamasi Kemerdekaan

Lapangan Rotunda Rektorat

Yes, I will come!

Rabu s.d. Kamis
18-19 Agustus 2010

OKK/ PSAU Tingkat Universitas


Yes, I will come!

Senin, 23 agustus 2010

Latihan paduan suara


I maybe come

Selasa s.d Rabu
24-25 agustus 2010

ESQ Training

Pekan Raya Jakarta

Yes, I will come!

Kamis, 26 agustus 2010

Latihan Paduan Suara dan Penyambutan Maba


No, I think I will go home at this date

Sabtu s.d. Minggu
4 s.d. 5 september 2010

EPT (Tes Bahasa Inggris)

jadwal menyusul kemudian

No, I will not come.


Feeling Grateful

I appreciate myself for the courage to escape from the common tradition. I dare to study outside Makassar. People think and I my self used to think that living far from home is hard. What I am experiencing now is not that hard. I am happy. My life is ok. My life is well enough that I could eat, sleep very well. I have all things I need. Sometimes I find new things and obstacles but I can fix it. I met new people, new environment, new life story, new perspective, learn from somebody else and things I face.

I am happy that I am accepted in UI, and that I have to leave it is a destiny. No regret. I hope that there will be no obstacles until I register to STAN. I am so grateful to Allah for all of these things.