I am a Muslim and having Ramadan month is so enjoyable. It’s great month, most waited and are full with so many merits. Fasting, having great time with family, religious moment which bring peace in mind, that’s just a few thing about Ramadan that makes me happy and excited. Great food and drinks made by my mother is also the attraction!

Last day, on august 18, my family joined the big family in my grandparents’ house in Pelita. We had great time, having buka puasa with the whole family. I met my uncles, aunts, cousins, and other family members.

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Me Against Laziness

When I started Ramadan, I have something in my mind: I want to be fully involved with this Ramadan worship. Beside fasting, I want to pray five times a day more , pray the sunnah pray which I rarely do, pray tarawih everyday, read Alquran everyday, and other worship. I wish to to it all.

Sometimes I do the worship, and everything ran smoothly, but sometime I face the most terrible obstacle: Laziness. Every time I want to do good things or in the middle of them, I feel like I want to sleep, want to do anything else, or my mind suddenly walks to somewhere else. I want to get rid of this laziness!