As my daily activity. Umm..sounds boring, doesn’t it? But, that’s life. all our daily activity is the part of us. as my my daily start today i woke up,my mother had me get up. she yelled me, and made me feel like ‘i am home’. that’s also happened about some months ago. and here I am again, in a drowsy morning, I felt like I wanted to sleep again, but the day urges me to wake up.

I went to Unhas library today. i just want to read some books. but, I didn't read book at all. I met my friend, Baso and others, including Rahman! my JILC friend. Then, I went to my mother workplace and I picked her home.

Tonight I went to Lia’s house. She is going to go to Sukabumi tomorrow. Lia is not sure whether she will came back soon or not, because she is moving to Sukabumi. So, I and Anggi and Dila and Kiki and Lia gathered in Lia’s house. maybe a small farewell with some fruits as the snacks. Sounds weird? Me and girls in the night of Ramadan when I should have gone to mosque. yes. weird.

Lia reminds me of my self.She said something hat remind me that I am alone. She said something that touched my single status. oh, taking about this make me feel ridiculous. I mean, I remember (excuse my term) that have no girlfriend. my romance life had been tragic. my first girlfriend, i never really talked to her. we agreed to went steady by the help of friends. she asked her friend that she liked me, and her friends told me that she liked me, and I told her friends that i liked her, and her friends that her that i liked her too, so we went steady now. we only communicate by letter with the help of friends again. I stupidly used to take a look at her secretly and told her that I want to talked her directly. But we broke up before we did it. my second girlfriend was not even better. we went steady more than a year, and we only had a date once! weird? that’s me. but she was more weird than me, because she took me as her ‘second boyfriend’. that’s why we rarely met. I was to shy to ask her for a date and she was busy with her boyfriend or (perhaps) her boyfriends. ha-ha.

and in the end of the conversation, Kiki told me that a friend of hers, a girl out there likes me. someone likes me? ha-ha. go ahead.

today’s song:

Cause = Time, Broken Social Scene, You Forgot It in People