New Place and New Life!

I went back to Jakarta on September 18th along with my brother, Aldy. He accompanied me to go to Bintaro, to my new home in it. He went back to Bandung in the next day, Sunday,because his college start in the next day.

My new home is very comfortable. I got a small room in the upstairs. It has a small table for studying and a medium-sized wardrobe. After being helped to cleaned it up, It was ready to occupy. In the house I live in there are a family who keeps the house, and some senior students of STAN.

My Academic LivingSTAN

On September 21st the registration of the new students was held. I came to my campus and has a chance to see my new campus. It was crowded by the new students ( about 1 thousand new students). It was exhausting but exciting at the same time.

A welcoming event of the new students to introduce the living and the academics was going to held. The event called Studi Perdana Memasuki Kampus (Dinamika). The activities of Dinamika was divided into 2 parts. Part I was going to start at 27 September – 29 September and organized by STAN, while the part II will be organized by BEM STAN, the student council.


September 26th: Pra Dinamika. It was exhausting, but again, was fun! In that day, the new students are introduced to the students activities and clubs. I would like to join HIMAS ( Accounting students club), STAN English Club and Media Center.

September 27th: Dinamika Day I. A very inspiring day. That day, the welcoming ceremony for the new students was held. I was amazed by the speech of general lecture of Dr. Permana Agung, from BPPK. He said that STAN students are the most important asset of Ministry of Finance.

Agung Pramono”grab the opportunity, attitude is very important. knowledge, skill and attitude”

Dr. Pramana Agung

the welcoming day

Then, I involved with the Dinamika held by BEM. It was exhausting but exciting! During the Dinamika, I was in group 2. Group 2 is so fun and the mentor, Kak Hardi, is really a pleasant and helpful person. We called our selves “dua tang”.

samwahyudi  samwahyudi3 samwahyudi4 samwahyudi5 samwahyudi6 samwahyudi7 samwahyudi8 samwahyudi9   samwahyudi12


And now this is my first week in my college. I have class on Monday to Friday.

Cheers up all!


my class schedule