weekend, money and my lecture classes


I spent my last weekend with kak rijal, kak azhar and kak cece (and her boyfriend). We went to an European higher education fair, had Japanese food,in Mall Taman Anggrek and finally went to Depok. In depok, I and kak rijal stayed in kak azhar’s kosan. I went home in Sunday night, actually i missed the train, but I could manage to arrive in my home at 11 PM by taking taxi. it was a fun weekend.


Meanwhile, I am almost running out of money. Last week, my father had sent me a lot of money but I spent it too carelessly. Oh, now, i only have around two hundred thousand rupiah in my bank account. I can ask my father to send me again and I know he will send me, but i wont do that. I have to learn how to spend money wisely since I live far from my parent. i want to try live off two hundred thousand rupiah in two weeks.


I had had one week of lecture class (monday to friday) and it’s been a smooth week!

I got accounting, economics, bahasa indonesia, english, law and statistic class for this term. My lecture classes are not so difficult and i have loose schedule. but even so, i have to spend time wisely. I want to get high GPA, please wish me luck :)