Because Everythings is gonna be All Right

Last day I was so confused. I would conclude my membership acquirance in STAN English Club by partcipating in the inauguration night. I got a lot of assignments to finish for the inauguration. The time given was a week, but until last day’s afternoon I had not finished the assignments. I felt like wanna give up doing this STAN EC assignments and resigning from SEC occurred in my mind. But, I have many goals to achieve by joining SEC. If I am afraid that I will be scolded for not doing the homework well. I got confused.

Then I encouraged my self to come. I had to come, what ever would happen, I would be responsible. So even the assignments was not finished properly,at 7 PM, I came to the venue of the inauguration (G building of my campus), and submit my unfinished-properly assignments. I was worrying that my assignments will be examined when entering and registering for the inauguration. Happily, the committees just ask me to put the book of my assignment in a certain place without examining it! Ahahaha… thank goodness!

After registering, I joined the crowds of SEC new members. The inauguration was very fun, it concluded on 6 AM in the morning! But, even tired, I am happy that now I am officially a member of SEC. What if i decided to resign in last day’s afternoon? It will be different.

So what I worried was not happening. I think in many times in my life, had experience ‘unnecessary worries’. I worried about things that in the end the time being, they did not really happen. Too much worrying about many things is my bad habit. I should take it easily and be postive minded, that is because everything is gonna be all right! :)