Change starts Now!

I have just finished studying law for today’s quiz. this is 0.53 AM right now, I am still awake. I have been very lazy since the middle of october, I only study when a quiz is coming, only study when there is homework. I want to change, change my bad habit right now!

I will study more devotedly and be more organized. I aim to get high GPA for this semester and I dont want to be dropped out (my college apply tight regulation on dropping out its students, many students in every semester are dropped because cannot reach the minimun GPA). Ah, I should get away from lazyness, lazyness is an enemy. Delaying of doing something is my very bad habit, and last night I have realized how bad it was.

Last day, my Economics lecturer, Mr. Salim, said that what we are determined by what we did in the past, and what we will be in the future is determined by what we do now in the present time. I get his point, do you get it too?

I am going to change my self, I mean, it starts now!

me and my classmates

I remember this quote:

“grab the opportunity, attitude is very important. knowledge, skill and attitude”

by Dr. Permana Agung (Director of BPPK)