A Different Idul Adha Day, A Different Circumstance

As a muslim and personally, I take lebaran day as a very special day. Today is Idul Adha day or lebaran kurban, so it’s very special. For many years,each Lebaran day had been a family tradition, not only a religion tradition. We gathered and celebrated the special day together.


picture of last lebaran idul fitri, showing my brothers and my mother

This year, I celebrated my Idul Adha Lebaran day without my family. That morning I went to the mosque to pray with my friend, Yaya. Just two of us. I usually go with my family, but sadly I didn’t go back to Makassar so could not go with them that time.

That morning my family gathered in our new house. My family has moved to our new house on last Thursday. My aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered in that new house celebrating the lebaran day. It must be so fun being there with all the family members and food of course, haha.

So instead of being with them, I celebrated this lebaran day along with STAN students who come from Makassar. We gathered as IMAM family, which abbreviated from Ikatan Mahasiswa Anging Mammiri. In a house of one senior in Jalan Pisok we gathered in Halal bi Halal and enjoyed the taste of Coto Makassar, a taste from our hometown.DSC06851

this is Yaya


these are the Coto Makassar!


this is me and some friends gathered in IMAM


me and the coto

In the middle of the Halal bi Halal, a thought crossed in my mind. I realized that now everything has just changed. Look, where I was that time? I was with people-I-knew-recently or people that most of them, several months ago I did not even know them. I talked with them, shared time with time, and did other stuff together. In the other hand, where the people I know very well, people I have been live with in my entire life? Where family and friends are? We actually separated between time, places and interest. And what perhaps happen next year? The same thing may happen. I hope next year, I could go home more frequently.

Life took me into new circumstances, and somehow being in new circumstances and knowing it will take some years being in it, make me just rather sad and miss the old circumstance. It is funny that sometimes we decided to move forward but regret the things we left. Life keeps on running. we will go to different places, will meet new people, and the new circumstance of life will start.