Midterms day One: Principle of Economics


On last two days ago, I was so unconfident for the midterms. The first midterms subject was Principle of Economics or Pengantar Ilmu Ekonomi (PIE) in which we currently concentrate on Microeconomics. Actually, I have learnt microeconomics when I was studying for university entrance tests which I had been devoted to some last months ago, until I went to UI and ended in STAN. I had studied the subjects, and considering that I ever slept with a economics book beside me -studying it, the subject should be easy for me. But, the subjects of microeconomics studied in STAN was more complicated and more difficult. I had to learn markets’ profit and loss curves, production curves, markets’ theories, taxes effects and so on. There were too much to understand and they were difficult. That was why I feel so unconfident until last day’s noon.


My first UTS/Midterms would be held at 2.15 PM, last day. Happily, after I studied hard, I gained confidence on last day’s noon. Even I still felt little strained but I was confident at the same time. I also believed that I could finish this PIE’s exam well. Around 1.20 PM, I hit the road and headed to my campus which could be reached by 5-minutes-walk from my boarding house.


The exam started a little bit late, circa 2.30 PM in Gedung G of my campus. all students from class of 1A until 1F were gathered there for the midterms. So there I was, sitting in my chair holding papers and pen, ready for the exam. When I first had a look at the questions sheet of the exam, I really felt relieved, the questions were not as difficult as I thought. It was rather easy in overall. 

There were multiple-choices question part and essay question parts in this exam. First, I answered 9 of 10 of the multiple-choices question, then I moved to essay questions. I answered the question. I was so enthusiast to answer the first 5 questions. I wrote many sentences for each questions. I was happy that I could answer all the question, I knew the answers. I kept writing, drawing the curves and writing, until I realized that I was running out of my time. I was going to finish my 5th-question answer, when a supervisor of the exam yelled that the remaining time was 15 minutes.

I still had 4 questions to finish. I realized that I wrote too many sentences for the answer of the each questions. I should made my answer briefer! Consequently, until the last time, I could not write all my answer of overall the exam. I tried to write faster but it was not enough to finish my answer. When I left the room (as the last student who finished the exam) I did not answer 2 questions! I could had answered the questions, if I had got more time.


I was rather feeling disappointed because I could not finish my answer just because I had such a bad time management. But even so, I also felt relieved that one of most difficult subjects in the Midterm had been completed. And my answers could make good-enough point.

Experience makes you learn something and what I experienced last day also have some lessons for me.

1st. I have to manage my study-time more organized. I have to study every time I could so when there will be an exam, I don't have to study so hard in order to master all the materials. I have to leave the bad habit of studying just before an exam.

2nd. Practice makes perfect.

3rd. I have to rectify my way of writing lecture material in my notes. I should made my own summary for each lessons. I need better notes to study. After UTS, and when I back to the class, I promise that I will make better lecture notes.

4rth. I have been overanxious about the midterms. In last day I learnt that things I fear at most did not really happen. I could do the exam good enough, which I thought I could not do.

5th. Time is so precious. I could not complete my answers because I did not use the time well. I had to learn so hard like in recent days because I did not really master the lecture material. I did not master the lecture materials because I did not use my time properly to gather knowledge. Time is so precious that I should not have wasted for things that not really important for my future needs.

So this is all my story today. Good morning everybody and have a good day, and see you. I wonder what I will face today.

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