Upcoming Midterms




I am going to have Midterms! It will start next week. I have to study harder and get focus for that. The midterms really determine the score of the IP (Indeks Prestasi or GPA). In my college GPA is very important. The GPA determines whether we pass for the next term or not. If we don’t pass a certain standard of GPA we will be dropped out.

It also said that GPA determines where Institution will a student placed to work after graduating from my college, as my college is under the control of and associated with Ministry of Finance. But beside those two reasons, I want to get good or high GPA as my own achievement. I will be glad for achieving good GPA or even high GPA. I also want to present my GPA for my parents. I want to make my parents now that I really study well in here, not wasting money and doing useless things.

So here is my Midterms schedule:


Date of Exam

Principle of Economics Monday, Nov 29th 2010
Aplikasi Komputer Tuesday, Nov 30th 2010
English Wednesday, Dec 1st 2010
Bahasa Indonesia Thursday, Dec 2nd 2010
Principle of Accounting Friday, Dec 3rd 2010
Law Monday, Dec 6th 2010
Statistics Wednesday, Dec 8th 2010
I hope I can study well, understand the material of the lecture well, and achieve the best in midterms. I still had many inadequacy in understanding statistic. I often slept during the class of statistic because it is so boring and rather difficult to understand. But soon I will master the subject :). Please, wish me the best for midterms :) I am gonna study harder.