Bad Sleeping Time and Leaving Will-o’-the-wisp

I think I am having insomnia. It has been since a few days ago. I could not sleep until 5 AM. It was very hard to sleep around 10 PM to 4 AM. Instead of sleeping at night, I sleep in the morning till it is noon. My classmates played futsal this morning, and I could not come because I was sleeping that time. I really wanted to come, but how would I play if have not got enough sleeping? Man! I have to exercise and the futsal must be very fun, but I could not come. I got up from my bed around 1 PM. It was funny, because I don't have any plan to do today. My only plan was to play futsal with my friends. So today I only stayed in home.I changed my blog name. I don't use will-o’-the-wisp anymore since I found that it relates to scary legends and ghost stories. The scary stories of will-o’-the-wisp can be read here. I actually really like it, because beside it is a call for a particular light (light is always beautiful, is not it?), it also means ‘wishes’ or ‘cita-cita’. But Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines will-o’-the-wisp different than the definition I took from a dictionary long time ago, yes it means ‘a goal or a wish’ but a goal or a wish that cannot be reached’! Oh no! Haha..That is so bad. I want to reach my goals.

Now I use my name as the temporary name for this blog.