I spent three days in Bandung. Started on last Sunday to Tuesday. I went there along with my friends, Helmi, Amar and Wahyu. We took a bus in Lebak Bulus and then headed there! I really enjoyed the trip to Bandung. You could see mountains, tree,tree trees with colorful flowers, wide sky. It was a rare view if you live in place like Bintaro, around Jakarta.

Having arrived there, I was impressed with the fresh/cold air there. It was not as in Bintaro or Makassar. The city has fresh or cold air. The water in the bathroom is so cold, as if it is ice water! Even, sometimes I was a little shivering, but I like the air! I also like the green of the city, the clean, and the food!

We stayed in Asrama Lontara, where my brother, Aldy, lives with other students from South Sulawesi. We occupied a large room with a balcony. It was a perfect place to stay. They are so kind to let us stay there. Another thing I like from Bandung is the fact that the city has many old-style houses. You can see building such as banks, stores, restaurants in artdeco style houses! Wow, I like such buildings. The Asrama Lontara itself is an old building. My brother told me that it was a house of a Dutch family. When Dutch people back to their country after Indonesia took their Independence, the house was left. It is now used as students home.

In the first day, we did not go around the city, which we really want to do. But in the night, it was fun to watch AFF Cup Leg 1 (Malaysia vs. Indonesia) with all the occupants of the houses. It was crowded! Spectacular as well! And hey, they got pisang goreng, ubi goreng, and Sarabba served to all the watchers. Wow, as if we were in Makassar. The watchers were so noise and so excited with the match, Unfortunately for the Indonesia team and us, Indonesia lost the match.

The second day. We walked around dago, Gedung Sate, Museum Geologi, and walked to Salman ITB and lunched there. When I say ‘walk’, I really mean walking. We walked! Haha. Lucky that the Asrama Lontara is located in the centre part of the city, so famous streets and places are easy to reach. My brother accompanied us as a guide, off course. It was rain, then we went back to asrama, but this time not by walking but by car!

In the night, we took a walk again. That time, we headed to around trunojoyo street which famous for clothing indsutry. I found some albums I like to have in one store there (they have sore, komunal, goodnight electric 7inch, and hollywood nobody album, I recently listen to a song of hollywood nobody). I did not buy them. After some of us have bought some stuff from distro store, we took a walk to taste Madtari cheese sandwich! The cheese was too much,really too much, but I liked it! Then,perhaps we did not have any idea anymore, so we headed to a cinema and watched Tronic there. Afterwards, we walked to Asrama.

The third day. My brother had no idea where place to go and so did us. While Helmi was taking a walk by himself,I, Wahyu and Amar stayed in the Asrama all the day, mostly by sleeping. In Bandung, I could fall asleep, sleep soundly, very easily. Perhaps it was because the air. In the night we went back to Bintaro. I wanna back soon! Bandung is a comfortable city!

Oh please, let these owls free! How could they make sell them!