Currently, The Holiday is Ruined

This is the the sixth day of my holiday. Since last Saturday where I wandered around Jakarta, I did not do anything but just staying in this house, in my room. I got out only for food-and-beverage or taking money in nearby ATM. I should have gone somewhere, have done something fun, have done my accounting assignment, preparing for HOE and gain knowledge by reading my lecture book instead of sleeping all the day or just wasting my time in front of this notebook. Yes, most time, from last Sunday until today, I spent my time mostly for sleeping! The rest of the time, I spent it by reading novel ‘Baudolino’ and little time I spent for by reading a book on making good writing composition, ‘Komposisi’.

Perhaps, there is nothing wrong with wasting this holiday by sleeping or doing useless stuff. Oh, no. It is so wrong. I should get something after this holiday. At least, I had fun or doing something beneficial. But, in a word, this holiday is ruined. This is not holiday. I should go somewhere, do some fun stuff, do something good or useful. But, I don't do that.

I am stuck here.