Frustating but Finally Understood

Good morning, Assalamu Alaikum.

Last day, I spent for studying Statistics. My plan to study in last morning was failed, because drinking coffee made could not sleep. I could sleep at 5 AM last morning and I woke up circa 11 AM. So finally, At 1 PM, I started to study, and found that studying statistics is frustrating. I could not understand the subjects easily, so I force my self to understand the subjects. I studied until circa 4 PM, and then went sleep, and at 5 back to study again. I found that listening to music while studying is so fun. I put headset on my ears, I set high-bitrates musics while studying statistic. ha-ha. I think it worked, it made my mood good and helped my brain works faster. I mostly listened to Toro y Moi’s songs. The music is so enjoyable and awesome! :)

So, I practiced solving statistic matters, and it made me gradually understand the subjects. Oh, I am not really nervous right now. I approximately has mastered around 50%- 60% of the subjects. Ah, I think it is good enough. Today, I will learn more. The good things is that today is the last day of midterms! After that, I will back to my normal life without the pressure of midterms.

Date of Exam
Principle of Economics
Monday, Nov 29th 2010 - Finished
Aplikasi Komputer
Tuesday, Nov 30th 2010 Finished
Wednesday, Dec 1st 2010 Finished
Bahasa Indonesia
Thursday, Dec 2nd 2010 Finished
Principle of Accounting
Friday, Dec 3rd 2010 Finished
Monday, Dec 6th 2010 Finished-very well
Wednesday, Dec 8th 2010 Today!