Here comes the holiday!

Last week is the last week of the lecture for this year! I still remember my first lecture was Bahasa Indonesia in a drowsy afternoon on October 4th 2010. Then day by day, week to week, time went by and here it is,the holiday. There had been 9 weeks of lecture plus 2 weeks of midterm already!

When I am writing this, I am currently in holiday and almost each of my classmates has been in their hometown! Well, actually I would rather have lecture as usual than having holiday but not going back to Makassar. Ha-ha. I really mean it. I am afraid that I will be bored in this holiday since I only have some plans to do in this two-weeks-long holiday.

First, I am going to Bandung, perhaps in this weekend. I will probably be there for two days. I will visit my brother’s place, or perhaps I will be in his place during my visit to Bandung. I am giong there along with Helmi. He does not go back to Makassar too. Some of IMAMs will be back and some of them stay here. It is also reducing the number of my friends around here!

My second plan is going to UI to do my legal resignation. About some times ago, I would not really care about doing the formal resignation, and what I mean legal resignation is resignation by submitting a letter of resignation to the Rector. But, Gigih, my classmate, who also resigned illegally from UI tell me and 4 others resigned-UI-students in my class including me that doing such thing will cause trouble in the future when we register in UI, perhaps for advance studies. So, I am now working on my resignation letter. After I finished the letter I will submit it to UI office.

Actually I don't really care about celebrating new year eve, first it is not mentioned in my religion as a special day and I think it is more important to take the new year to look ahead and make goals to achieve. I think it is unnecessary to for me to celebrate new year eve. But, even so my third plan will be spending the day of December 31st in Jakarta. I don't know where to go yet, but I think it will be fun wandering around Jakarta. My last plan which is the fourth and the nexts will be determined later depends on condition :)

During the midterm, I realized that many of my studying habits should be changed and fixed because it burdened me in the end. Like I have to make notes because my notes are so bad and unorganized, lack of understanding on lecture’s material. I told myself to changed my studying habit. But, recklessly, I did not change anything in last week. I still felt sleepy in the class, my notes were not better, and I could not really concentrate on the lecture. It seemed that my sleeping habit in the midterm was not changed and it was the cause of the failure to change my habit. So I promise again,haha, next year, I will change myself to be more organized and focus on the class lecture.

Let me stop telling things about lecture and see my social events. It was Tuesday, and I found a fact from someone. And let me not talk much things about that, because I am awkward in that thing.

On Wednesday. I played futsal along with my classmates. We played in Arrayan, just after a short English lecture. It was about 11 AM. Not all the boys from my class came, but the number was enough to make a good game! I like defensing anyway when playing futsal. Playing futsal was fun and make me feel healthy. We finished the game around 1 PM. When I, Iman, Dika, Rachmat, Ardi and Abby were walking in the way to go home together,rain was coming down hard so we waited the rain subsided. It took time, almost an hour. Having arrived at home, I went straight to my bed and fell asleep. I was tired. Thursday and Friday went by, nothingr really happened. Just lectures time and me in my room. Yet it was about someone again. On Friday, I told a girl that I admired her. Oh, I am so awkward on this thing, so let me skip it for a while.

Saturday! I and Helmi were doing the backpakers thing. We meant backpacking because we want to wander around Jakarta without spending too much money, and ofcourse we take our backpack, but our backpack was light! There were some rules of this backpacking, first no taxi, no eating in restaurant and no going to mall. It is to avoid spending too much money.

First, We went to Centre Culture Francais again. That time, there was no Abe, because he went to Bogor. We went there for a movie show. The movie was Le Père Noël est une ordure, and trust me it was a very funny comedy movie! Oh yeah,talking about French, I am interested in learning French! If I am still in French Literature of UI now, perhaps I could speak a little in french haha.

After watching the movie I and Helmi headed to Gramedia Matraman which is located in east Jakarta. We went there by Transjakarta and by walking (walking is so backpacking! haha). I could say, the mass transportation in Jakarta is well enough although it took time going to one place to another. It looked like we were spending too many hours in the transjakarta or angkot. After some hours being in Gramedia bookstore of Matraman and having meal, we headed back to Bintaro. That wandering were tiring but fun!