I am doing okay

These last three days had been good enough! I have some activities and making good progress recently. Last Sunday I and all Makassarese students (IMAM) got together and we went to Bintaro Plaza. There were 25 students including me. Some of the IMAMs could not come, so actually we are more than twenty five persons. We made our photographs in a photo studio located inside the mall. But until now the studio had not finished printing and writing the photographs to disk yet. Such a shame. Anyway, it was pleasure to gather with IMAM!

On Monday, the new week of the lectures had started again.The first class of this week was Bahasa Indonesia. There was I, meeting my classmates again and being in Bu Rini’s Bahasa class. Bu Rini is a good lecturer anyway! She comes from the Centre of Language Study and have many experiences in teaching Bahasa Indonesia not just in STAN but also in many institutions including the Ministry of Finance. Very often she criticized the current usage of Bahasa Indonesia. She said that many people use Bahasa Indonesia badly. They do not obey the rules of Bahasa Indonesia and that bad conditions have been shown in many aspects, sides and places in this country. She also criticed that many students are having difficult to use Bahasa Indonesia according to the principle because they don't care enough about using good Bahasa Indonesia. Once they learn good Bahasa Indonesia, they will forget it easily because they don't implement it to the daily life. I agree with her!

My father called me on Monday. We had a short conversation of son and dad. I told him that I was fine. I told him about my midterm, it was good enough. He asked me ‘Was the midterm easy?’, I answered not really but I could handle it. Haha. I also told him my plan in the upcoming holiday that I want to go to Bandung for several days. He said that it is good for me. He told me that he had no holiday anyway. Unfortunately. My father runs a private company in road construction, and since he responsible for his own company, sometimes his works (he called it his homeworks) force to keep working. Those are some topics in our conversation. I conclude that everything/everybody is doing good in my hometown. That is important.

Last day, IMAM had a gathering again, but this time was for a meeting. The aim of the meeting was to talk about Heritage Organda Expo that will be held in my campus in the end of January 2011. HOE is and annual event in my college which gathers all the region organizations in my campus to present their cultures (dress,food,dance etc) in one place. I really wanted to the meeting but the location of the meeting was too faraway, so I did not come. Beside I like gathering with IMAM students, I also want to contribute for IMAM in HOE. And since the event is also about culture, of course I am so interested and excited for that!

I was so lucky that even that I did not come to the meeting, the IMAM students chose me to be the Putra Daerah in HOE!As the putra daerah I will be presenting South Sulawesi culture in HOE along with Eka as the Putri Daerah. Beside presenting the cultures, I also will compete with other Putra-Putri Daerah from other regions/other region organization in my campus to be the best Putra-Putri Daerah. They told me that I will have to gather more knowledge about our region culture as well as Indonesian culture. Yes, I will be ready! In last HOE, IMAM was the best in the competition. We will keep that achievement and become the number one! :)

Today, I had a marathon of lecture class! It was started this morning by Principle of Accounting class by Pak Dijono. I learnt just little from that class due because I was sleepy. Yeah, that bad habit of being sleepy while being in the class had not not gone yet from me. It was because the night before I slept late, well in the night I always end like that. And I thought that today there will be just one subject, but then there were two more subjects! They were also Aplikasi Komputer and Statistika. Oh my god! I was so sleepy and really wanted to go home. ha-ha. So, I have promised last week, when I realized how bad my study style was, I promised to not being sleepy in the class and pay attention to the topics of the lecture. But, I broke my own promise, I was so sleepy, and even sometimes fall asleep in the class and consequently did not understand the subject. I gave my self an excuse. I know that it should not be happened but I was so sleepy. I realize that I still have problem with sleeping time.

It has been good enough in my class. I mean, me and my classmates. I am doing okay with them and making good progress of mingling with them. My class will probably will have the holiday starting next week (we are re-arranging the lecture schedule). There have been many talks of holiday and going to hometown. Lucky that many of them come from Java, so they can easily go to their hometown. Many of my classmates were asking me whether I am going home/Makassar or not. Ha-ha. I said not. I am staying here. I really wanted to go home, but it is expensive if i spent much money just for two weeks in Makassar. if the holiday will be one month, I will definitely go back to Makassar! They say good words to me, such as “how about going to my hometown? you can come to my home!”. Thanks for that! That’s nice. But I am going to spend my holidays here in Bintaro and Bandung :)

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