Random Thoughts

I still have two subjects in my midterms. They are Statistics and Law. I don't really understand Statistics, well I actually never understand the subject. I statistically have felt asleep many times in Statistic class. Law? I like that one. I think I can do well in its examination.

I actually want to go somewhere in Jakarta to escape from my routine. Going to campus and going back home and going to campus again in the next day in Monday to Friday make me rather bored.  But, I am having a midterm and I have to focus on that, so I plan to do that after this midterm. Oh yeah, my classmates and I plan to go together after the midterms somewhere in amusing places in Jakarta :)

In the weekend like this, I and my family would go to Akkarena beach. I guess do they still do that after I left Makassar? I hope so. I hope they always be happy :)

Today, my mother called me from home. We always have a short conversation in phone at least once a week. She sometimes called in the magrib, sometimes in the night, she even ever calls me in an early morning at 4 am. My father also calls me sometimes. Yet, I never talked to Abrar, my younger brother, since I left Makassar. Maybe I should call him soon. I am wondering how is he now. How is his school, his progress, and others.

So my mom and I had a small conversation. I told him that I was fine. I am fine here, and I believe that the best word to describe how am I here. There is nothing to worried about. I also told her that I have bought an Al-Quran. In last conversation, my mom asked me about Al-Qur’an. She said that it is good for me to recite Al-Qur’an. Yes, I also believe that. A Muslim man without an Al-Quran is incomplete. I want to recite Al-Qur’an as many times I can. I told her that I have bought one. I have just bought it. My mother also said that she always prays for me. I always pray for you too, for father and our whole family from here.

Then, my mother gave her phone to my grandmother who happened to be in my home that time. I mean my home in Makassar. In my family’s new larger house which I never been sleep in. My grandmother asked me how I was, how I am doing with college, and even she asked whether I get flood in here or not. Haha. I am fine here, my college progress is good and there is no flood here in Bintaro. My grandmother also told me about what happened in Bogor. She and Abah (my grandfather) had just come from Bogor, visiting Dede and Ila. Then,after she told me the stories, there was a pause moment. It was 6 seconds awkward moment. Man! I should have asked her things I really want to say to her: I hope you always be healthy. But I did not say that. I really wish my grandparents will be always healthy and fine. So, she closed the conversation by saying “Hope you are always doing fine there.”

Randomly thought.