I want to be a better person every day

Hello, good morning :). This is me, writing in the middle of the night and this is also morning. I have just studied Law for today’s midterm. Zakris, my classmate, came to my place and we studied. Yeah, studying together with a friend is better than studying alone. Well, why all the things I write is connected to studying and my college? Well that’s also my question. Haha. Since I became a college student, my first duty/busyness is to study and study. Maybe that’s why.

I want to talk about relationship.  Relationship?  I have friends around here. If I count them in numbers, I have many friends here (exclude my friends in Makassar). yet, if I see from the quality of the friendship, I only have few friends. I think I am still lack of confidence to mingle with everyone here. I could have more friends if I open myself to everyone. I like my classmates, they are nice and kind kids. I am so grateful that I could meet friends from different places , languages and characteristics like them. I am so happy to have friends from different backgrounds as my classmates come from different region of Indonesia. I really want to be a real friend for each of them, but seem like it has been happened. But I always be nice for them. Maybe time will gradually make me and my classmates become real friends.

I want to be a better person. Today I hope I can do everything better than yesterday, and be a better person than yesterday. Than tomorrow, I want to be better than today. That’s the plan. I want to have many real friends, reach my goals, be more religious according to Islam, keep in touch with my family and friends in Makassar, do well in college, be positive-and-peace minded and also have the true happiness. Good morning.