On Last Accounting Exam

It was not bad and it was not really good. I was not sure which word to describe my Principle of Accounting (PA) examination last day. I am not even sure to say it as a good one. It took more than one hour for me to finish a journal and ledger. While I was still struggling with my ledger, there had been one first student who finished the whole of the PA examination! Then after several minutes, there was one again, again, and again. How could they do it so fast? Ha-ha.  But, even so, I keep doing my best in the test and the fastest I could do. I knew how to finish the examination, I knew the answers. I keep trying. Unfortunately, just like in my last economic test, I failed to finish the whole test. My finished work was about 70-76 % of the whole exam. Rather ruined anyway.

Three hours probably was not enough for me, or I was too slow doing the examination. Even, I could not finish the whole test, I satisfied enough, at least I have tried and do good effort :). It was not my best anyway.

My lecturer, Bapak Dijono, is a good lecturer. He is about 60 years old, always smiles while teaching and teaches well in the class. Perhaps, he  will be not so satisfied with my work. Man! I will fix this after UTS. In semester final exam, I will do the whole work of accounting cycle and get 100! I promise, Pak! :)

In this recent days, I gradually think this one. I know this is not good idea, but seeing how I have done in the midterms, it looks like I will have to do harder to get high GPA. My last examinations during the midterms could be said as ‘moderate’ or ‘good’, it was not so good or very well so I can get high GPA. I will be happy if I could pass this semester. Now matter how high or low my GPA is, high or not, it is not so important as long as it passes the minimum GPA which is 2,4 as the minimum-GPA requirement to continue to second term in my college.

It does not mean that I give up. I still want it and I will still try. I can get the best thing of me. I want to get high GPA! I am going to try harder. I have to keep motivated, keep studying, studying harder! Perhaps, I am currently confused with this accounting exam. Well, UTS is not the only way to raise GPA. The activities in the class, assignments and final semester exam (UAS) are also considered in determining GPA. I have to keep optimist and be positive.

By the way, why I am so GPA-oriented? Because I believe GPA reflects our achievement in study. Okay, let be happy and wash away the worry and confuses.

with smile :)