Midterm is Finished

Finally, after studying so hard and devoting my days for midterm, the midterm is now finished. It has been more than 2 weeks of midterms busyness. It was finished this afternoon. My statistic exam was ruined, I approximately answered 35-50% of the all questions correctly. I was not good doing the exam because I answered the question slowly while the time was also limited to only 2.30 hours. The number of questions in the statistic exam was also out of my prediction, instead of just 5 matters there were 10 matters!In last two years, the number of question in statistic midterm was only five. Actually in the exam, we were allowed to bring any references, it means that we can bring any books, any notes and any printed-materials that we can use to solve the matters in the exam. Hey, off course I bring a lot of books. I brought four statistic books, and many papers for references! My friends said I brought too many. Ha-ha.I will bring as many as I could bring because I need many references!

I accept the fact that my statistic exam was ruined. I ruined it. But that was okay. I have done everything I could. I have studied hard, and have tried to do the exam as fast as I could do. I know it has a consequences. In order to get good mark for statistic, I have to get high score in the next final exam, it will be next year. This is how a final scores is acquired in my college for each subject.

Matter Its contribution to final score
Midterm/UTS 40 %
Final/UAS 40 %
Class activities and homework 20 %
So in this midterm, if finally I only get 40 % points for statistic, it is counted as 16 % in final score which means I have to get high score in final. It is very crucial as getting bad mark or scores in my college means you will be dropped out. So, I promise to myself to study statistic seriously for the next lecture period which starts next week. I will not sleep again while in the class of the statistic. I have a plan to bring coffee to the class so I can stay focus instead of falling asleep. Because the class activities are also counted for final score, I promise to be a good student in Pak Zahedi’s class. My classmate said to me that Pak Zahedi, my statistic is good person. I hope so, so he will not give me bad score. Haha.

I have to keep looking forward. There are still 8 weeks ahead for the first term. During the midterm period, I learned a lot of things. Not just learning my lecture subjects, but also learn about how to study well, how to manage time. I realized time is so precious. I have to learn my lecture subjects seriously to understand it so when an exam like midterm has come I will not be so busy and hurry and panic. I also promise to concentrate in the class, I want to get many knowledge from my lecturer and I want to make my lecture notes better. Studying for midterm made me realize how bad my lecture notes are and also, how bad my way of studying. I want to change how I study. I promise I will change it, it will start next week!

Overall, my midterm is good enough :D. I am glad that midterm is finally finished.