A real better day!

I was so happy. Last day, my Law exam was so good. I could answer all the question! My studying was not useless. I think I will get good scores in my Law’s exam. Alhamdulillah!

The law exam was the sixth of all subjects in my midterm. There would be still one subject, Statistic. Wow, rather boring and difficult for me. Yet, I studied hard for that. Tonight, I had spent some hours to study statistic. Man! It was very difficult for me to focus studying this subject. I was not really good on understanding its formulas. I spent about more than 3 hours only to study mean, median, modus,average, and other very basics of statistics! Oh, that’s all right. I will master it in the end, ha-ha, hopefully so. I did not really understand statistic, as I have said, while in the class of statistic I always don't understand what the lecturer said or explained. For me his explanations were so absurd, and meaningless. I got bored and slept in the class. I know, I should not blame it to my lecturer, I also have to blame myself for not trying hard to understand it, well, I never even asked him a question. Now for all my sins for not paying attention to the lectures and not giving adequate effort to understand statistic, I have to study hard. I am going to focus studying statistics again this morning.