Staying Here

Today I just stayed at my room, this house and around my neighborhood. I was in my room, wasting my time listening to music, browsing thru internet and watching movie in my notebook. I think it was quite fun. Spending time lazily after brain-draining midterm was one thing I want. Ha-ha.

I wanted to go outside here and go to any amusing places in Jakarta. But, it looked like it will happen tomorrow. I and my friends plan to go to Centre Culturel Fran├žais in South Jakarta to watch movie there. It will be fun. Tomorrow I will go to my campus. There is an event will be held tomorrow, the event called Reborn. A minister will come, I don't know from which ministry, and also the head of BPPK, Bapak Permana Agung. I remembered he was speaking in my welcoming ceremony in STAN, and his speech was amazed and motivated me so well. I think I am more excited to hear from him then the minister. So tomorrow morning I will go to my campus, and in the afternoon will go to CCF to watch movie with my friends.

My mom told me that our cat has just born a baby cat. The baby was a male. My mom said the baby just looked like its mom. Oh, ha-ha. I remembered found her when it was a litlle cat,and now it has born a baby!