Tomorrow: Bandung

I am going to Bandung tomorrow. I will go along with Helmi, Wahyu and Amar. Unfortunately, Abe cannot join us to go to Bandung. He is staying in Bogor until December 28th. During our vacation there, we be will staying in my brother’s place in Asrama Lontara. We are going to stay there for about 2 or 3 days long. Neither I and my friends have been to Bandung before. There have been some places in my head, which I would like to visit, but it is still vague. Lucky, that my brother say that he will be a guide for all of us while in Bandung. That is so good.

Yesterday, Sahib and Wahyu went to my place. Sahib was going to go back to Makassar and he stayed in my place because it is easier to get to the BTC, where he would take a bus of xtrans to Soe-Hat airport at 4 AM, than from his lodging house. They came about 10 PM and then we waited together by dilly-dallying. Haha. It is fun anyway, to have friends come to my place. When it was 3.30, Wahyu picked Sahib to BTC.

at the top of the roof