Jakarta Night Surfing

I did not want to celebrate the new year eve. For me, it is more important to do a retrospection and make resolutions when facing a new year, rather than celebrating it. Yes, I was hanging out with my friends, that night, in new year eve. But, I don't I was celebrating the new year. M friends took it as a new year celebration, but for me it was not. I and my friends gathered in the same places but with a different objective :) Our mutual intention, off course, was to have fun! Lucky, we did it! I would not forget that night. We were playing cards in Monas park and walking from Jakarta Pusat to Jakarta Selatan!

The Jakarta Night Surfers!

Helmi and I (right)


After the Fireworks, we walked to Jakarta Selatan! We reached Rasuna Said in the morning!

We only took a metromini once in short distance.
Other photos from Monas park:

That’s the Jakarta Night Surfing! An extraordinary way to hang out with friends in the night!
It was adventure to walk from Jakpus to Jaksel!