I am currently busy for an annual event in my campus. There will be the Heritage and Organda Expo in my campus tomorrow. I was chosen to be the representative of IMAM’s Sulawesi as the Putra Daerah along with Eka as the Putri Daerah. We are participating in the Pemilihan Putra-putri Daerah. As I am excited on culture, I like this event. Lucky that I have a chance to present my culture, Bugis, to students at my campus. I and Eka belong to Bugis tribe. During the training and preparation of this event, I learned a lot of things, such as tourism, the richness of Indonesian culture, and at most, about my culture.

This is tiring, anyway. We have to attend training every evening, struggling at the same time on our academics activities, and doing some assignment like practicing traditional dance choreography and making essay on our region' tourism, but this is all for IMAM! Ewako! :D