Regional Cultural Event and Lecture Classes

I skipped three classes this week. I did not attend the Accounting and Statistic class on Tuesday. It was due to a serious non-academic assignment that I have to finish right away. On Friday I skipped the Introductory Law class. Why? It was rain hard. It was not easy for me to skip lecture class. I got a compunction on skipping class. I promise not to skip more class again.

I also have got some of my midterms scores. I got 81 for Computer Application, 72 for Introductory Law and Bahasa Indonesia, and 64 for Accounting. I feel satisfied enough with my scores.

I am currently working on HOE stuff. HOE or Heritage Organda Expo is an annual cultural event in my campus. I was chosen by the organization of students from my region, South Sulawesi, (IMAM), to be their representative in HOE. I will represent IMAM as Putra Daerah.