Starting the new time.

It is now 2011. Many things happened last year. I learned a lot of things. I studied a lot for university entrance test. I spent a lot of time with my family in Makassar. I went outside South Sulawesi – for the first time. I went to Balikpapan, even to Jayapura, then to Depok and now live in the South of Jakarta, Bintaro. I met many people. I got what the most thing I wanted since graduating from high school. I am a student of a college already.
There were many things I wanted to pursue in last year. I only made some of them. Sometimes I realize things I want are not the things that I truly need. So, even I could not get some of things I want, it is okay. Last year, I really wanted to be admitted UGM. But, I could not make it. I went to two other colleges instead. But then I realized it was a better thing for me. Imagine, if I pass in Economics major in FEB UGM, like I really wanted. It is a difficult major! Perhaps, I will get mad. I realized it when studying introduction of Economics in STAN.
I am now studying in Accounting major. It is not as interesting as studying arts, design, literature, or culture. I never thought I will end in Accounting major. I still remember how I aspired Economics and International Relations. Choosing major was a problem for me. I never really be very sure of what I was going to take. When I was in High School, I said to myself, I am going to take International Relations. Then, when I graduated, I changed my mind. I wanted to be in Economics. I never get the both. But, it is just okay. I will focus on my major which is still related to Economics. I currently  learn Economics (introduction) in this term, and in the next term I will still learn about it. I will learn lot of things about government finance and accounting.
My college is owned and run by Ministry of Finance. The students in my college are prepared to work in Ministry of Finance and other government institutions, like BPK and BPPK. It will take three years before I graduate. When I graduate, I will work in one of those institutions (Amin). I do not know where region of Indonesia I will work. Everything will be decided by the General Secretary of Ministry of Finance. But, I really hope I could be in Makassar or South Sulawesi, or at least around South Sulawesi, like in Balikpapan. I want to live with my family after graduating,at least close to them.
I know there is still long road ahead. I have to study hard first. I want to enjoy everyday in my life. In this 2011 I want to get high GPA – doing well in my campus, going back to Makassar frequently – spending more time with family, get a new camera – digital or analogue, exercising regularly –so I can be healthier, always in touch with my friends where ever they are now, getting many friends, going to interesting places and living well according to Islam. It is just a few of all things I want to do and get in this year. It needs extra work to get all of them. I believe I can do that, I can get them!
May all God’s creatures live in happiness and peace. See you. :)