Back to Makassar!

Horee! I am now in Makassar again. I flew off Jakarta yesterday and arrived circa 1 AM today! My parents and my brother, Abrar,  picked me in airport and then we headed to our house. I am so happy that I can reunite with them again. I have left Bintaro and looking forward to having the next term with my classmates and college mates in STAN! I will enjoy this holiday. I want to visit some places and do many things with my friends in here! How I missed Makassar? Really miss it. So what things I have been missing in this city? So many, I believe.

Having arrived in front of my house, I was very happy with our new house. Our new house is spacious and beautiful. When I left Makassar last year, the house was still being built. My parents and my brother has moved to this house since the end of last year. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a store-room which is bigger than my own room in Bintaro, spacious living room, well furnished kitchen, and a fish pond near a dining table.  What a house! It is very contrast to my room in Bintaro. My room in bintaro is very small, now I occupy a room in one of the room in my house. The bed in the room definitely will not fit into my room in Bintaro! Ha-ha-ha.

What I did today? Sleeping, eating, exploring my house, organizing my files in my net book, playing with my family pet (panda, a cat), dilly-dallying, and watching tv. watching tivi? I am not so excited with it.

Okay, what I will do tomorrow? Let’s see :D