Heritage and Organda Expo in My Campus!


Me and Hwang-I (from Kalimantan)

Citra (NTB-Mataram), Sani (Bali) and Eka (Sulawesi)


The Preparation and Training for Heritage and Organda Expo (HOE) was exhausting. In the daylight, I had to go daily lecture classes. In the evening, I had to go to PPD Training. As I have shared, I involved my self in Pemilihan Putra-putri Daerah in my Campus. It was a part of Heritage and Organda Expo event. I was so busy and tired. But, The excitement of the event motivated me to keep ewako!
The training was held  by the committee of HOE. The were three coaches. They were Kak Iwi (from Teater Alir STAN who also comes from Makassar), the versatile Kak Ade, and Kak Dion (Abang Jakarta Timur). We were taught how to walk gently, speech, and mostly what we would do in the day of HOE held. I and Eka, my PPD partner, also had to make a short dance from our hometown. I and Eka decided to take some part of choreography from a traditional Makassarese dance, Pangadakkang. The dance required many jumps for me and I had foot ache.
Well, IMAM members were busy preparing for our stand expo. We made a replica of Pinisi boat! Some members were also busy preparing their dances. They were Yayu, Nuri, Yuli, Fita, Sari, Wahyu, Amar, Sahib, and Baim. In the day of the event held, Baim got allergic symptoms so he was replaced by Baher. 
In the day of HOE. I was so excited. In the morning until the noon, I was doing my role as the putra daerah and Eka as the putri daerah. We wore Makassarese/Bugisnese traditional wedding costume! Exciting! After doing my role, I and Eka went to the crowd and start going around to see our stand and other organda’s stands. I met other IMAM friends and seniors. There were so many traditional dances shown in this event, from many regions of Indonesia. We, IMAM, present traditional dances (tari pangadakkang and marendeng marampa). There were also dances from lampung, kalimantan, bali, and jawa. Bali performances was impressive.
The event was ended around 9 PM. Very fun!