Three friends gathered in one place after separated in almost 5 years! Ha-ha. They’re me, Aldy, and… Dita! We went to same junior high school and were classmates. Now Dita lives in Depok, Aldy lives in Makassar and I live in Bintaro. I never met Dita since we finished junior high school. That time, Aldy was in Jakarta because he had an event to attend. He must have contacted Dita and initiated to go somewhere in Jakarta  to meet. Then, He and Dita invited me to join. Oh, yeah sure! I will join!

We spend a half day in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. It was the first time for me to go to TMII. We were not only three but five. Dita came along with her parents.  Dita’s parents let us to go around together while they waited us. We watched “Journey to Mecca” in Keong Mas theater. The screen was so big. Ha-ha. I know that silly but I was impressed. The movie was good. Then, we went to Science/Iptek Museum. We walked around and explored the scientific stuff there. After two hours being inside the museum, we bicycled! the bike was designed so can be used for three persons! Three wheels bike! We bicycled around TMII. What a fun day! We three agreed that it was so fun and hoped that we can gathered like that again someday. Someday :)