12 PM

I am now in Bintaro again. I am back to the lecture class routine. It feels so quite today, almost lonesome. I walked to my campus. I am happy that I can be in my campus again. The first class of this term ran smoothly. It was Introductory Taxation, started at 8 PM. The lecturer, Mr. Hendri Kurniawan, seemed kind and sociable. The atmosphere of the class was not really serious. He was not a threatening lecturer. This is a good sign. The class ended circa 10.15 Am. I think I could easily understood the subject. I hope the other lecturer will be as kind as him and the others subjects will be easily understandable.  After the class, I went to the library. Unusually, the library was full of students. They obviously are looking for the handbooks needed for the this new term. I took four book and went home.
I think this is going to be monotonous. I will go to campus attending class, then walking home, and then studying, then sleeping, then a new day will come, and I will repeat the same actions in the morning. It is lucky that I will have free time on Friday to Sunday. I just have lecture classes on Monday to Thursday.  In the first term, my score of IP is 3.26. I feel very satisfied with such score. I want to get higher IP for this term. I will study harder. It sounds very boring but I enjoy it. Ha-ha.
It is 12 PM. Hustles. Working. Lunching. Studying. Writing. Here and there, the people are busy.