End of the Holiday

This is the last night of me being in Makassar. It’s been so fun here. This is a good holiday! I went to some places I like with my parents. I like our new house. I like our pet. I like my mother’s food. I like riding my motorcycle around Makassar. I like its sky. This city is very comfortable for me. It is very convenient. Sadly, I have to leave this. I am sad that I am leaving Makassar and my entire family, but strangely I am not sad about being faraway with my friends in Makassar. Well, they all have  already gone.  We now live in different life, even we are in the same city. We can’t play as we used to do. I just have a few real-friends here, and I have almost met all of them. I have not met one friend, sadly. But, I am happy for having holiday like this. I am happy that I am going to continue my study again. I am going to attend classes, study new subjects, and be surrounded by friends with our mutual activities.