The First Four Lecturers of Our Class

Having met with the first four lecturers, I am pretty optimistic that this whole second term will be better than the last term. I believe it will be enjoyable and fun. It is because the lecturers are convivial instead too serious or even scary and intimidating. The lecturers could make us smile or even laugh in the class session. With such situation, I believe it will consequently affect my study result in the end of this term. I am glad.

Now, perhaps this is a good strange thing happened to me, I am excited with Accounting! Ha-ha. I believe this is also because the lecturer factor. I see accounting is challenging and will be easy.


Sad News

I  felt terribly sorry that our friend, Ical, could not continue for the second term. He had been dropped out. I could not understand how could that happened to him. He is quite studios and diligent. I got information that he was dropped out because his IP score could not meet the standard IP score to continue to the second term. I never thought it will happen to him. It is so sad :(. He is still reluctant to communicate with us (IMAM).