Bonnes Vacances!

It is now the day of 11th of my holiday. It was started on February 26th. I arrived at the new house of my family. It is a big house. The following days, I stayed at home. I enjoyed being in my home with my parents and my brother, and our cute family-pet, a white cat. I always want to go with my friends, going somewhere around Makassar. My friends here are busy. They have letcture class or other activities. It is hard to meet them. I missed my friends in Makassar. Sometimes, it is rather painful when I realized how everything changed and we can not meet easily as we used to do. This city and friends have changed.

Lucky that I still have my friends from STAN, the friends from IMAM. One day,it was thursday, I and Sahib took a walk to Mall Ratu Indah. Haha, it is such a shame, why should we go to Mall? There are already many malls in Bintaro and Jakarta. Yeah skip that part, so I and Sahib went to Mari. I bought two books there, a French dictionary and a book on French language. As I was ever almost majoring Sastra Prancis, I am interested in french language and movies. I also love to listen French musique, such as Charles Trenets. Oh yeah, I have wacthed some french movies and I begin to love french cinema. Walking out of the bookstore, I met Ichi and had a flash chat with her. :)

After Mari, we had Coto in coto daeng – the one that is located on Pengayoman street. Delicious! IMAM have made two event where we made Coto. They are made by Nuri and friends. We used the same recipe. But, the coto made by Nuri & friends tasted different to the Coto made by Coto Daeng. Both are delicious and specials! Then, we went to another mall. Sahib was the one who wanted to go there, I just accompanied him. Mall Panakukang are not as interesting as when I was in junior high school.

The following Saturday, I and my parents headed to Tanjung Bunga, Akkarena Beach! It is one of my family favorite weekend destination. Abrar did not join us, he was sleeping. So, my parents were swimming and I felt that I could enjoy the beach without swimming. I did not swim, just sitting and walking around the beach. When I was in Bintaro, sometimes, like during the lecture in the class or when I laid in my bed, I daydreamed being in that beach with my family. So, it is one place that I always miss when I am far from Makassar.

At the same day, I and Sahib went to Hendra house. Then, we and hendra went to Ical. Then we ( I, sahib, hendra and ical) headed to coto daeng. yes, I had coto again. We and yuli met there. We had coto and chated. I tought I would go home. Then, Sahib begged for a help, he wanted me to accompany him to his friend’s house in Rappokaling. I did not know where Rappokaling was and it was already 10 PM. But, I accompanied him. after caugtht by two tol officer and lost aorund the rappokaling, we ardously arrived at the home of his friend (who had a birthday that day).

It was Sunday. I met up with Amma, Adnan, Aldi, Baso, Chalik, Ulla, and Minka. I and my dear friends sang together. We karaoked. It was fun! Unfortunately, Ayu and some other wanted friends could not join. One of the reason why I want to come home because I want to meet with my friends. I wanna talk with them. I wanna listen to their stories. I missed them. But, here, in Makassar, in My hometown, I feel that I have more friends in Bintaro than in Makassar. My friends in Makassar have got their new life, so I just could meet with a few of them.

On Monday, I met Kak Azhar. I accompanied him to go to some places. He came to Makassar because he had some things to do related to a business plan competition held by UI and some other prestigious college in Jakarta. In the following day, I was sorry that I could not attend his small party in his house. It was raining.

Then, the days went by, and now it is the 11hth day of my holiday. Today I and my parents went to Losari beach. We passed the Perintis street, Urip street,bawakaraeng street, and other streets. Along the road, I really enjoy the sun lights! It was yellow and bright. The losari beach is in the west of Makassar, so when we headed there we were embraces by the sun lights. It was so beautiful. Aftermath, we headed to Pelita, visiting my grandparents and my uncle family.