I had two meetings two days ago, which are both different, and they have different impression to me. The first one was the meeting of my classmates. As we facing the new term, we talked about how was the performance of chosen students who manage our class, like the class president, the supervisor of education, the supervisor of religion, sport, living environment, and social. First, the students were asked how was their performance, then we talked about things that we should to improve to our productivity and what new program we should apply to our class, for the second term.

I joined to the ministry of education in my class. Iyai is the minister, and I will work as his staff. Zakris also joined the team. Our aims are to encourage all the students in our class to be more active and productive. We want to make sure that each student has good understanding on lecture items, and to ensure that everyone in the class get secure score to pass for the next term. To reach our goals we will do approaches to the lecturers and to our classmates. We shall encourage our classmates to mix with everyone, especially those who tend to be apathetic.

I like doing such good thing. I want to help my classmates. I want each student in my class could improve themselves. No one should left behind, and we can cooperate to maximize our productivity. So, I, Iyai, and Zakris will work for them.  We do that because we care.

In my class meeting
In the same day, I had another meeting which is not-so-pleasant. It was in a club of my campus. As I haven’t been well-mixed with them, I ended in the meeting as a listener. I even feel uncomfortable because it was as if was not noticed. They talk and I didn’t involve, because they strongly looked like not needing my comments. So, I just kept silent. I don't like how the hold the meeting. I was mildly annoyed. But, it passed quickly.

I think they tend to be -.  I feel like wanting to leave the club, but I am staying. I need to improve my skill on many things related to it is the good way to achieve that, so I will stay. Second, I wont leave something just because I don’t fit with it. if I don't fit with it, then I will try to adjust my self or adjust the condition.  I think that is the quality of being resourceful.

I know many things in my surrounding are not fit with my idealism. I think people should always welcome and appreciate others. But, that’s not always happen. If we are in a unpleasant circumstance. We should not let it affect our feeling and our ideal beliefs. My idealism is based on positive attitude and action.

The meetings are different. In one, I can be active and really involve in it. I can freely share my ideas and i am excited. While, in another one I feel like being not appreciated and I was mildly annoyed. But, yes, this is the world. Sometimes it hurts and when it does, keep smiling and keep in your thoughts. Don’t let unpleasant circumstance turns your world upside down :)