With some Tk. I IMAM

it’s Friday and this the second week of my holiday. I remember when it was Friday two weeks ago. I have just finished UAS. There are many worries, especially on passing the first term to second term. Now, it is very different condition. I am in holiday and I am free of worry.  I have got the news that I pass for the second term. Today, I hanged out with some friends, my college mates from Tk. I IMAM. We met in Panakukang mall. We were chatting and eating. I laughed a lot with them. Ha-ha. Very fun.

Life changed. Some years ago I got along with different friends. Now, I get along with my college mates, including IMAM and my classmates. Life changed. It’s rather hard to meet my friends in Makassar. They are short of busy. They have their new life after graduating from schools. They have gained many new friends and so have I. I am on holiday and they are busy with their lecture classes and schedule. I can text them or call them. But, it is not easy to get yes answer. I just want to meet them. I miss them. I just need to see them directly and talk with them. We would have a chat on everything. We could talk about life. I want to meet them all, and say, “how are you?”.

I have bought my ticket to Jakarta. I am going back there on March 20th. Wow, I am going back soon. It is too soon, perhaps. I feel so comfortable here. I am home. But, I have to go back. Let me enjoy the rest of the holiday. There are still a week before I will back to class! Bonnes vacances!