Keep Growing and Moving On

It’s been 35 days since I left Makassar last month. Now, I do my activities as a student in here. The lecture classes run quite well. I have not missed any class. The lecture substances are not so difficult. I can handle them. I was very excited for this second term. I want to gain score to get high GPA. After one first week, I was tired and less excited. I realized that being tired and less-excited are obstacles to my goal. Now, even tough the activities of going to campus and attending lectures are tiring, I always keep my self motivated and excited. I exercise regularly, by jogging, to keep my self health and less tired.

I study everyday. I don't want to study only if the examination is getting closer. Studying this way is more efficient and effective. I don't need to hurry, I can study slowly but I am sure it makes me master lecture substance effectively. I also try to do my homework right away. It is  rather difficult since I also have non-academic activities, but I try my best.

I and some friends from English club are working for Rendezvous. It is an annual event to elect a new president of the club and also to hold a meeting on annual report of English club committee. It is going to be held in Situ Gintung, on May 7 & 8 2011. I and several friends (my classmates) have a project. We are going to make a short movie. We currently prepare the concept and the cast. After finished, the movie will be shown in our class holiday, in Anyer, Banten, in early June 2011. Thru the movie, we aim to encourage our friends to keep motivated to study hard. So, the movie should be inspiring. IMAM is also going to have a holiday program. We are going to have a vacation to Puncak, right after mid-term examination. I join the committee. I join a team whose role is to prepare the items of activities we will do during the vacation.

A friend of mine invited me to join a weekly mentoring. It is a  Islamic mentoring for first-year students in my neighborhood, Perumahan Pondok Jaya. Now, I have been three times attending the mentoring. It’s great. In the mentoring meeting we will recite Al-Quran, then the mentor will give us short lesson on specific theme such as Ibadah or amal. We also have a chance to discuss lessons and to share our activities within the last week. I learn a lot from mentoring, including how to live well according to Islam.

I want to be involve in more activities in my campus. There are many kind of clubs, groups and various interests. I would like to join students auditing board in my campus. The board give us a chance to learn the process of auditing from this organization. I believe, it will be useful when I work in the future. I have not learned auditing. It is too early, perhaps. In my campus curriculum, the students with Accounting specialization like me will learn commercial auditing and governmental auditing in the third year (semester 5 & 6). But, it is okay. I think it will be not that difficult to learn auditing even if I am still a first year student. Perhaps, the recruitment will be in next June. I hope the board will accept my application to join them.

I will keep growing. I will keep developing my self. I am reaching a better stage. I will keep moving on :)