You are reading my microcosmic. it is about me – what happened to me, what i thought, and other things recently.
I am doing okay. I have cough and cold. But, I will recover soon. The midterm test is ahead. Compared to the previous term, I don't get worried. I just feel calm and optimistic. It is good to feel so. There are still some subjects that I have not mastered but it is okay. I am going to restudy them.

I am happy that the series of rendezvous event has ended. Being the secretary for the event was tiring since the jobs given to me were always sudden. I think the members of the committee lacked  of organization experience. We did not collaborate well when working. The event was not held optimally. It finished and the substantial goal of the event –at least- reached.
Meanwhile, IMAM is going to have  Makrab. It will be held on 4th & 5th June 2011 in Cibodas. It will be fun. My class makrab is postponed to the following week after IMAM’s makrab. The purpose of makrab is to strengthen the bond of organization members. I hope all the first year students of IMAM would attend this program so we can work together well when we run IMAM, replacing the current management. For my class, Pemaaf, I hope, makrab will strengthen our solidarity. Honestly, I am not so excited with Pemaaf makrab. I know what’s going to happen. 2/5 of the class is trying to do the good things, while many others are apathetic.
I learn everyday to live better and to be a better one. Every day is a lesson :)